In 2020 Essilor and Luxottica stepped up efforts to integrate the two companies

Despite the difficult context, the integration between Essilor and Luxottica gathered pace in 2020, with several joint projects initiated this year thanks to the team collaboration.
For example, Essilor and Luxottica introduced Ray-Ban Authentic, the first line of eyeglasses to combine Essilor’s lens technology with iconic Luxottica frames. The Group also launched the first joint sales program, EssilorLuxottica 360, to support independent eye care professionals in the United States.
In addition, the two companies will combine training platforms to create a joint environment: EssilorLuxottica University. Also for the first time this year, Essilor and Luxottica teams worked together on vision health initiatives for World Sight Day. In addition, a new campaign was launched to develop "Boost," the internal employee shareholding plan, allowing employees from both companies to become shareholders of the EssilorLuxottica group.