To boost development, the Group is widening and strengthening its business in areas of high growth, building on an international growth strategy based on long-term local partnerships. This allows us to operate closer to each market to provide solutions adapted to local needs, strengthen our presence in promising new domains and regions and broaden our offer.

our position

From corrective, sunwear or photochromic lenses to e-commerce… the Essilor Group builds its position in markets that will contribute to future growth. For this, we seek out acquisitions in areas with high potential. Recently, we acquired Transitions®, the world leader in photochromic lenses, which operates in a strong growth market. We also passed a milestone in our online development with the acquisition of, one of the leading online eyewear retailers.


our international presence

The Essilor Group pursues a strategy of local partnerships to:
– strengthen our presence in all activities (corrective lenses, sun, online…),
– improve access to visual health throughout the world,
– meet new needs for vision correction, protection and prevention,
– create technological, industrial and commercial synergies.

These partnerships range from financial investment in distributors, industry players and laboratories to programs in collaboration with NGOS and governments. These provide a way to create or strengthen our presence on the ground, particularly in fast-growing markets.

Respect, autonomy and synergy… We benefit from the local presence and expertise of our partners. In return, we bring them the strength of our innovation and operational excellence. Our values and principles are embodied in all our daily interactions. A partnership charter, structured around 10 principles, formalises this relationship of mutual trust and respect.

strengthening our online presence

With the acquisition of, Framesdirect and Eyebuydirect, Essilor is strengthening its online presence. The aim: to offer vision correction solutions in geographical areas where we are less present and accelerate access to products in regions of strong potential such as Asia and Latin America.

+200 acquisitions and partnerships

8 new acquisitions and partnerships in 2018

to better
meet needs

Around the world, our multidisciplinary teams – researchers, developers, patent engineers, IP lawyers and specialists in strategic marketing – work in partnership with academia and industry. We pool together our work, exchange perspectives and combine expertise and technologies with public and private sector organisations to better meet the needs of all.

The Essilor Group has forged more than twenty research partnerships with universities and public research organizations including the Vision Institute in Paris, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and Wenzhou in China. The Group has also established joint ventures with other manufacturers through the Nikon-Essilor International Research Center with Nikon in Japan.



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