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At the heart of the Group’s governance, the Executive Committee supervises and controls the smooth running of Essilor’s activities worldwide.

The Executive Committee

  • Laurent VACHEROT

    President and Chief Operating Officer


    Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Du SAILLANT

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Tadeu ALVES

    President Latin America Region

  • Éric BERNARD

    President AMERA (Asia / Pacific / Middle East/ Russia / Africa)


    Chief Mission Officer

  • Carl BRACY

    Executive Vice President Marketing & Business Development Essilor of America

  • Lucia DUMAS

    Senior Vice President Corporate Communications

  • Bernard DUVERNEUIL

    Chief Information Officer

  • Norbert GORNY

    Chief Research & Development Officer

  • Lena HENRY

    President e-commerce

  • Éric LÉONARD

    President Essilor of America

  • Alexander LUNSHOF

    Corporate Senior Vice President Legal Affairs

  • Frédéric MATHIEU

    Corporate Senior Vice President Human Resources

  • Bernhard NUESSER

    President Europe Region and Instruments division

  • Géraldine PICAUD

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Patrick PONCIN

    Corporate Senior Vice President Equipment division and Group Support Functions (Engineering, Quality, Health & Safety, Sourcing & Procurement)

  • Alain RIVELINE

    Corporate Senior Vice President Global Marketing

  • Thierry ROBIN

    Senior Vice President Digital Surfacing Strategic Opportunity

  • Bertrand ROY

    Senior Vice President Strategic Partnerships

  • Kevin RUPP

    Executive Vice President Finance & Administration of Essilor of America

  • Jeremy TEO

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Éric THOREUX

    President Sun, Readers, Photochromics



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