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The Essilor group has always developed through a strategy of sustainable partnerships. This original growth model enables us to enter new local markets and new areas of activities – photochromic lenses, sunglasses, reading glasses. Our distribution channels, like the Internet, open up new channels to facilitate better consumer access to good vision.


The Essilor group’s historical activity is ever more focused on the future. The core of our business, ophthalmic optics, has been strengthened through a succession of acquisitions and partnerships. Today, it continues to contribute major innovations, including the e-SPF® index, the Eyezen™ range of lenses, and technologies that filter harmful blue-violet light, all of which also benefit our other activities.

and readers

By expanding into sunwear and reading glasses, the Essilor group is growing its field of expertise while staying true to its core business. We bring to consumers worldwide all our technologies through our sunlenses, with or without prescription, to offer them the best quality protection and correction.

and instruments

The Equipment and Instruments business contributes to the Essilor group’s technical leadership. By mastering the technologies in lens manufacturing and the instruments used for taking measurements, the Group strengthens its focus on excellence and innovation.

Our distribution

In order to facilitate consumer access to visual health and optical equipment, the Essilor group relies on several distribution channels. An historical partner for eyecare professionals, we are also developing online distribution and new inclusive business models in underserved regions.



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