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We strive to attract talents but also to grow them within our company. Dedicated programs guarantee the integration, training and career development of each employee throughout his or her career.

and valuing talent

Employees are a great asset for the Essilor group. We are therefore very committed to their development and are driving many initiatives (globally and locally) to support this. Our HR tool called E-talent helps our managers guide the performance of their teams and also provides an opportunity to discuss the development of each individual. Like this we are able to get better individualized plans but also are able to get more qualitative insights in group developments.

With the changing needs of the industry, and with Essilor’s growth, it is crucial to empower and develop employees with the right skills, tools and competencies. We want to create an environment where every employee has the opportunity to live, and continuously challenge, what their best selves can be.

Eveline Noya
SVP Talent and Executive Career Management, Singapore


At Essilor, we continuously strive to See Growth, and this means building for the future starting with talents. We’ve created different programs to attract, engage and accelerate the development of key groups – Undergraduates, Graduates and Young Talents who will be, or already are part of our Group.

Undergraduates – Emerging Talent Program (ETP)
Our Emerging Talent Program empowers the career of undergraduates, up to 1 year of experience. They will be immersed in a robust 24 month rotation program that covers a few business areas like business analytics, marketing, finance or project management. Undergraduates will experience working across different functions, business units and geographies. They will be part of the global ETP talent pool that will be managed at the corporate level. They are also exposed to our mentorship and coaching programs.

Graduates – Emerging Leader Program (ELP)
Our Emerging Leader program matches MBA Graduates with key development roles, facilitating a high level of exposure to senior leaders and a challenging mandate to complete. To set them up for success, we engage graduates in our mentorship and coaching programs. During the program, their development, onboarding and success will be championed by a dedicated program manager to aid them personally.

Essilor Early Career – COMET
Our COMET program aims to accelerate the career progression of young talents who’ve been in Essilor for at least two years. COMET brings together a diverse group of people to work collectively on a business project, connecting young talents and senior leaders. Talents are mentored during and after the program as part of ongoing personal development to explore opportunities for internal mobility in different roles, business units or different regions of the Group.

Developing mid career
and beyond

Our internal talent base is key for our current and future success. We ensure our talents have the right tools available, to be the best leaders in the industry. This means continuously developing innovative programs that will reinforce their growth such as mentoring/coaching, and in equipping them to grow and lead their teams better. We also have a strong focus to give employees real-life experiences by stretching them in new projects, or by sending them on new challenges abroad.

In this transformational journey from managers to leaders, we want to give our leaders the opportunity to step back and develop their strategic thinking and management style.

Designed with business schools and coaching networks, our management leadership programs match with the reality of our businesses. They enable leaders to benefit from working with Essilor business cases and apply the tools and approaches explored in training back in their business unit. An example of these programs is our annual AMP (Advanced Management Program) that gives around forty experienced managers access to interact with leading business schools faculties.



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