Why Essilor?

A company culture that encourages initiative and sharing, a unifying and socially responsible mission to bring good vision to all, recognized for its innovation and open to the world’s diversity, an international presence built on partnerships and acquisitions… Essilor offers all talents great professional challenges and enriching, diverse career paths in an environment that encourages individuals to be themselves and fulfill their potential.

More than a job,
a mission

Seeing well is essential. It’s essential for education, professional and social development and above all to live well. Working at Essilor, the world leader in good vision, is much more than a job. It’s helping bring to the 7.7 billion inhabitants of our planet solutions to correct, protect and prevent risks to visual health as well as quality, innovative and accessible services.


An innovative

Innovation is at the heart of Essilor’s group DNA and a strategic axis for growth. It’s driven by Essilor R&D and Marketing teams but also, more widely, by all our employees worldwide, whose suggestions and contributions embody the pioneering spirit of our company. Innovation also thrives through multiple partnerships with public and private sector institutions.

Did you know?

The Group was ranked among the world’s 100 most innovative companies for 8 years consecutive by Forbes Magazine.*

*The Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies ranking was discontinued in 2019.

A variety
of career paths

Essilor group has a wide variety of job areas and functions: sales, marketing, R&D, engineering, operations, production or instruments and equipment as well as finance, HR, information systems… With a fast-growing global presence in its historical lenses activity, but also in new markets with their own specific business roles – sunwear, reading glasses, photochromic lenses and online sales – the company offers a multitude of career paths, often international, that will develop your skills and grow you permanently.

A Group on a human scale,
that puts its trust in employees

Although it’s growing rapidly, Essilor remains a multi-local group that values entrepreneurship, management autonomy and respects people. Our governance model focuses on a shared vision and mutual trust, as seen by the importance of employee ownership in the Group’s shareholding. Today, 71% of Essilor’s employees are shareholders.



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