Research & Development

A lens is a high-tech product integrating many technologies. Being part of the R&D team is an opportunity to participate in the continuous improvement of the Essilor group’s products to best meet our customer expectations.


Innovation is critical in driving Essilor group’s growth and an essential element of our DNA: half of our revenue today comes from products that were designed less than 5 years ago.

The mission of R&D teams is to meet growing consumer needs for correction, protection and prevention of risk to visual health by developing products, services and technologies with high added value that enable the Essilor group to maintain its leadership and also to monitor emerging technologies via its network of international partnerships.

R&D teams are also responsible for developing and protecting the Group’s expert knowledge and innovations through its patents policy.

Did you know?

In 2020, the Group filed 173 new patent applications worldwide and registered 142 new trademark families and 62 new domain names worldwide.

An expert and multicultural

To join Essilor’s multicultural R&D teams is to be part of a company that’s a world leader in its market and work with the best specialists in their fields within a global network of about 450 people based in Ireland, France, the United States and Singapore.

A variety
of roles

Within R&D, there’s a range of different roles:
– research engineers,
– metrology engineers,
– quality engineers,
– technology watch engineers,
– project managers,
– research technicians,
– process technicians,
– quality technicians.


  • Jérôme Ballet

    R&D Optics - France

    "Working as a team on projects for the future"

  • Céline Carimalo

    CI&T Singapore

    "Innovating close to consumers needs"

  • Alexandra Roos

    CI&T Singapore

    "Bringing useful consumer innovations"



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