Working with society

As a responsible company, we have based our success on careful consideration of our local impacts, on dialogue with our stakeholders and the creation of shared value with our partners, suppliers, as well as with governments and local communities.

Promote economic

When we establish activities in a country, we create fulfilling jobs in a growth industry, and our business generates significant direct and indirect financial benefits locally. We are guided by our principles and values in all our business dealings to ensure a fair, honest and transparent collaboration with our stakeholders.


Essilor has integrated environmental and social criteria in its general purchasing conditions since 2015. Our sourcing and procurement policy, detailed in our supplier charter, is aligned to Essilor’s Principles and the UN Global Compact, signed by the Group in 2003. This Charter provides the basis for all sustainable purchasing initiatives with our suppliers.

The Group appreciates the CSR performance of its preferred suppliers through regular evaluations. In addition, in case of suspicion, the Purchasing Department conducts on-site audits and requires its suppliers, in the event of proven risk, to put in place corrective action plans.

Respecting human rights
and integrity

We operate in geographic areas where laws and enforcement of human rights regulations can be fragile. It’s our responsibility to ensure due diligence in our human resources management and in relations with partners (suppliers, the Foundation’s partners, subcontractors…) in the spirit of global standards and principles.

Mindful of respecting human rights and enforcing this within the Group’s sphere of influence, the Essilor group carried out in 2014 a human rights risk assessment. As a member of the association Business for Human Rights, the Group is particularly demanding in the selection of local suppliers in countries considered to have human rights issues.

Modern Slavery Act Statement (pdf - 54 KB)

Statement of Essilor International published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Showing vigilance
in business ethics

Operating in a wide variety of countries, the Essilor group must remain vigilant to changes in local social and environmental regulations. This requires a structured organization, constant monitoring and close collaboration between legal, human resources, environmental and operational teams.

Given our business activity and social responsibility, we must fight against all forms of corruption and fraud, particularly in geographic areas susceptible to these kinds of risks. We do this through a coordinated corruption risk prevention system and by training our employees in applying this, in accordance with local regulations and Essilor’s principles and values.

Essilor, a major player in its industry, follows a policy of sustainable external growth. This requires us to be particularly vigilant about compliance with competition rules and preventing conflict of interest.

Guidelines to prevent Bribery and Corruption (pdf - 2 MB)

This guide is intended for those who manage relationships with administrations, supervisory or regulatory authorities, clients and other third parties on behalf of Essilor. Its aim is to detail the applicable rules and best practices towards preventing corruption.



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