Caring for our people

Essilor’s success is inseparable from the work of all our employees who participate, whatever their role, in developing, producing and marketing innovative products and services. Representing the company’s greatest asset, we are committed to providing employees a safe and rewarding work environment, in line with our principles and values, and to constantly seeking to unlock their full potential.

our talents

One of our human resources priorities is enabling all talents to develop. Through training, everyone at the Essilor Group can progress in his or her career, develop individual performance or enhance skills and employability.

Essilor’s training platform turns around three learning and development categories: Essilor U, our online university, has been the centre of a network of online ‘academies’ and internal trainers. With over 1000 modules available, the platform is available to 42,000 employees worldwide with over 30,000 courses covering topics as diverse as new products, managerial development or the Group’s Principles and Values. Classroom-based training programs, such as Vision Essilor, an integration program, provide managers with key insights and skills; while a number of functional and regional training programs exist to cater towards specific business needs. To offer every individual a diverse and varied career path, we have also deployed a global talent management framework.


Beyond diversity
inclusion and respect for all

Essilor is a global, multi-cultural and decentralized Group. Diversity is one of our values and we’re committed to promoting and fostering all aspects of it through an inclusive approach. When we talk about diversity, it covers diversity of men and women, the integration of people with disabilities but also generational and cultural diversity. Our ambition is driven by Group policies and by a network of more than 20 diversity ambassadors worldwide.


We know that people give their best in a company where health, safety and well-being are paramount, so we strive to offer our employees a safe and pleasant working environment. From the results of opinion surveys that we conduct regularly with all our employees, hundreds of action plans are developed locally. The day-to-day work of our network of health and safety managers on the ground has also enabled us over recent years to improve our key health and safety indicators.

internal dialogue

Listening, discussion and openness in internal dialogue is important and we aim to ensure that everyone can participate regardless of usual hierarchical channels. Locally, consultation with internal partners reflects Essilor’s own culture: each legal entity independently structures it in the most appropriate way.

Since its origins, the Essilor group has been committed to employee shareholding. Today, 65% of Essilor’s employees are shareholders. Internal shareholding brings Essilor a unique governance model that both engages employees in major decisions of the company and aligns their interests with those of other shareholders. It is supported by Valoptec Association, which unites nearly 9,000 shareholders, representing the Group’s largest shareholder.



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