Developing philanthropic initiatives

To make good vision truly accessible to all, including those people living below the poverty line, the Essilor Group is actively engaged in both local and global philanthropic initiatives.

Bringing good vision
to the people most in need

This commitment takes many forms: lens donations, free vision screenings, awareness campaigns and fundraising. We bring additional support to local programs building on close relationships with municipalities, health authorities and the non-profit sector. The Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) is one of the cornerstones of this approach. Launched in the US in 2007 to provide children and disadvantaged young people with visual care, it has since expanded to other countries and regions, including India, China, South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


for the long-term

The Essilor Group has been a committed partner since 2002 to the Special Olympics. As exclusive supplier to the Special Olympics Opening Eyes program with Lions Club International, Essilor has enabled more than 180,000 athletes to benefit from corrective lenses and equipment to protect their vision during their sports activities as well as visual health advice at events organized across four continents.

Our teams also mobilize every year on World Sight Day to raise public awareness about the importance of good vision. Over recent years thousands of Essilor employees across fifty countries have contributed to the success of this global event through hundreds of local initiatives, screening operations, events, fundraisers… In 2017, the Essilor Group launched a new global campaign: to promote the importance of good vision and encourage people to check their vision.


Vision for Life,
a new impetus

By creating the Vision for Life fund in 2015, the Essilor Group stepped up its commitment to social responsibility. With an initial investment of €30 million, it represents the world’s biggest strategic giving initiative in the fight against uncorrected vision. Its ambition: fund, monitor and measure the impact of projects that aim to improve the lives of as many underprivileged people as possible by improving sight.

In April 2016 Vision For Life co-founded a global coalition with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to tackle the issue of children’s vision care. “Our Children’s Vision” is a movement bringing together governments, development agencies, the private sector, eye health practitioners and communities with the goal of screening 50 million children worldwide for vision impairments by 2020.



In 2019, 3.1 million people benefitted from the Company’s philanthropic eyecare programs, including its support of Vision for Life and the Essilor Vision Foundation.



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