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Reaching the 2.5 billion underserved

One third of the global population live with uncorrected poor vision and its consequences. Faced with a largely unrecognised global vision crisis, Essilor is working with partners to launch and scale up several inclusive business and non-profit initiatives so that in the future everyone can see well and live well.

We have strong teams and partners around the world exploring how we can best reach the 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected poor vision. Our efforts are channeled into three main areas: raising awareness on the importance of good vision, deploying inclusive business models and driving philanthropic programs.

Jayanth Bhuvaraghan
Chief Mission Officer


The importance of visual health is not widely understood. Information is a critical driver for raising awareness among the general public and policymakers.


The gap between individuals and access to vision correction can sometimes seem insurmountable. We develop innovative solutions to reduce this gap.

philanthropic INITIATIVES

To make good vision truly accessible to all, including those people living below the poverty line, the Essilor Group is actively engaged in both local and global philanthropic initiatives.



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