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Innovation has been a strategic focus since the Group’s origins. To respond to developments in visual health, our research is focused on understanding the needs of all consumers and eye care professionals in three areas: correction, protection and prevention of eye disease.

An optical lens is a technological product. It is essential for us to continue innovating. Poor vision is the world’s leading disability and yet the solutions are there. We can still improve existing solutions and above all meet new needs linked to evolving demographics or changes in lifestyles.

Jean Carrier
Chief Operating Officer

by Essilor

Key to our growth strategy, innovation is at the heart of Essilor’s mission. It underlies all the Group’s activities and takes different forms, combining technology and in-depth understanding of the diversity of consumer needs.

An innovation
model open to the world

Open, multidisciplinary, in partnership: R&D at the Essilor Group reflects today’s world – operating as a network, collaboratively and creatively, to stimulate innovation.

Market watch:
to feed breakthrough innovations

Essilor Group’s history has been shaped by many innovations that have continually aimed to better correct and protect people’s vision. These innovations enable the Group to go ever further in its mission of improving everyone’s vision.



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