Essilor Named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Innovative Companies for 7th year in a row

Charenton-le-Pont, France (August 23, 2017) – Essilor announced today that it has been named by Forbes as one of 100 of the world’s “Most Innovative Companies” for 2017. Essilor has first earned a spot in this prestigious list in 2010 and has been ranked every year ever since among the world 100 publicly traded companies identified by investors as featuring the best innovation potential now and in the future.

Innovation, a part of Essilor’s DNA since its origins, is a major differentiator and driver of growth. The company’s consumer-centric innovation strategy means at answering and even anticipating the visual needs of the 7.4 bn people on Earth, 2/3rd of which needing vision correction to see well and the totality of which need protection solutions from sun, UV and blue-violet light.

The company has three Innovation and Technology Centers at the heart of its major markets and collaborates with an international network of a hundred public and private research partners to develop solutions to provide better solutions for all consumers’ vision needs, whatever their geography or income.

As part of its mission to improve lives by improving sight, Essilor’s R&D efforts are focused in six key areas including: presbyopia among seniors; myopia in young adults; well-being and visual health; sun; polarized and photochromic lenses; and the development of innovative services for online sales and inclusive business models to improve access to vision care for the underserved populations of the world.

“Essilor’s approach to innovation is all about consumer-centricity, so as to answer their current and future needs with advanced expertise,” says Laurent Vacherot, President and Chief Operating Officer of Essilor International. “Innovation has always been a cornerstone of our strategy. We have one goal: to push back the frontiers of poor vision worldwide.”

Other notable recent innovations include:
> Varilux X Series: This new progressive lens has been designed to meet the ever-changing expectations of Generation X, consumers born between 1965 and 1980, who are highly active, digitally connected and don’t want to be limited by their vision. It succeeds in improving vision at arm’s lengths reflecting the multitude of near vision tasks of today’s lifestyles.
> Eyezen™: this latest technological innovation from Essilor offers comfort and protection to consumers in their connected lifestyles. It combines technologies from Essilor Research: Eyezen focus which reduces visual fatigue and Eye Protect System which filters blue-violet light without altering color perception.

About Forbes’ Innovation Ranking:
The “World’s Most Innovative Companies” list identifies the leading-edge corporations most likely to succeed now and in the future. It is the result of an eight-year study carried out by Clayton M. Christensen, a professor of disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School, in collaboration with Jeff Dyer, professor at Brigham Young University and Hal B. Gregersen, professor of leadership at INSEAD. The rankings are based on an assessment of each company’s “innovation premium,” a quantified metric that measures the premium the stock market gives a company for expected or anticipated innovation.

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