Essilor and European Academy of Optometry and Optics reaffirm common commitment to address vision care issues and educational needs at the latter’s 2019 annual conference

Charenton le Pont / London, 27 June 2019 – More than 700 delegates from over 20 countries attended the 11th annual conference of the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO), an organisation that develops a scientific knowledge base and supports and promotes lifelong learning for eye care professionals across Europe. The conference, jointly organized by the National Federation of Optometrists Opticians in Italy (Federottica), Albo degli Ottici Optometristi (AdOO), Associazione Laureati Ottica e Optometria (ALOeO) and Società Optometrica Italiana (SOPTI), was held in Rome on 18-20 May 2019.

Under the topic of this year’s conference, “Challenges and opportunities for optometry and optics in Europe”, Essilor International, as a platinum sponsor of the event, showcased its expertise and know-how to illustrate its ability to meet the new demands of eye care through its current product portfolio and innovation capabilities. Moreover, the Group reiterated its commitment to continued investments in research and development going forward, so as to better understand vision issues and deliver patient-centric solutions, thus furthering its mission of improving lives by improving sight.

As part of the conference program, professor Nicholas Rumney, the new President of the EAOO, shared his thoughts on the educational and professional priorities of the EAOO, which are in line with the key topics identified and promoted by Essilor. These include, amongst others, myopia research, as eyecare practitioners will focus on reducing the potential long-term disease risks associated with the increasing prevalence of myopia.

Professor Nicholas Rumney declared: “Essilor is a leading actor within the industry based on its innovation capabilities, its long-standing expertise and its desire to promote optical education addressing all practitioners independently of their background”.

Olga Prenat, Global Director of professional relations at Essilor International and founding member of EAOO, added: “At Essilor, we are committed to addressing the evolving vision needs of today and of tomorrow, delivering on our mission of improving lives by improving sight. This is why we are proud to work alongside our partner, the EAOO, who promotes education and knowledge and helps optometrists and opticians to deliver best practices and achieve highest industry standards. Indeed, with the phenomenon of an ageing world population, the need for accurate and comfortable vision correction will increase sharply over the next decades and we are fully mobilized to address this challenge among others”.

The EAOO, set up 11 years ago, aims to provide the evidence-based scientific foundation for the various political actions of the European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO), the leading organization representing the interests of optometrists and opticians from 24 European countries. As its long-term partner, Essilor will continue to help the EAOO to achieve its ambition of shaping optometry and optics through the development of scientific knowledge, and the support and promotion of lifelong learning possibilities for all those involved in eye health care across Europe.

The next meeting of the EAOO will be held on 15-17 May 2020 in Helsinki, which Essilor looks forward to be supporting and attending.

Olga Prenat
Global Director of professional relations and
Chief Editor of Points de Vue
Essilor International

Ana-Maria Nia, EAOO Manager



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