2019 UN ROAD SAFETY WEEK: Essilor & Groupe Renault pool expertise to better integrate visual specifications to improve drivers’ experience and promote the importance of good vision for road safety

Paris-Charenton, May 6, 2019 – On the occasion of the 5th United Nations Road Safety Week, Essilor and Groupe Renault announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a period of two years, with the ambition to jointly raise awareness about the importance of good vision for road safety and explore innovative solutions to improve drivers’ visual experience.

As research shows 1 in 5 drivers in the world has uncorrected poor vision and 90% of the information needed to drive comes from vision. The interaction between eyeglasses and the interface systems in the car, both day and night, is obviously crucial. In the near future, this interaction is projected to increase further with the development of smart and connected devices, offering valuable improvements and new customer benefits. In that context, this two-part partnership aims to:

  • develop global and local awareness and poor vision detection campaigns among customers and employees of Renault. During this week, specific activations will reinforce past actions begun during Renault Mobilize days and World Sight Day.
  • improve the combined vision and driving experience through cross-expertise and product innovation. Expert investigation workshops are developed based on key use cases, including day and night glare, road/cockpit visual transition, peripheral and central attention focus, and Man-Machine Interfaces like legibility and color perception.

“This collaboration with Groupe Renault promises to drive outcomes that will improve people’s vision on the road. We are certain this partnership between two leaders in their field creates a unique opportunity to mobilize public awareness across a broader audience. Combining our respective expertise will result in better visual experience for drivers and contributes to Essilor’s mission of improving lives by improving sight,” said Laurent Vacherot, Chief Executive Officer, Essilor International.

“With this leading cross-sector collaboration with Essilor, we want to highlight the importance of vision for drivers and improve further our knowledge on the matter. Groupe Renault proves its commitment to safe mobility and shows an innovative way to keep placing the customer experience at the center of our cars’ specifications and features, with a look ahead on the future benefits of a connected world”, added Nadine Leclair, SVP Expert Fellow of Groupe Renault.

In addition to this new collaboration, both partners are involved in independent respective actions to promote road safety.
In 2017, Essilor and Féderation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) partnered to lead the fight against the lack of awareness on the crucial link between vision and road safety, through the joint promotion of the FIA-created “Check your vision” golden rule, which stands together with other main risk factors on the road (speed, seat belts, mobile phone usage, etc). In line with its mission, Essilor is fully committed to further reinforce its product range, with solutions that answer drivers visual needs, and to continue to leverage innovation as a way to correct, protect and enhance the vision of all road users (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists…).

Road Safety is one of the key pillars of Mobilize, the Groupe Renault’s Social Responsibility strategy. The Group is willing to reduce mortality and anticipate the challenges of future mobility by rolling-out a road safety policy based on awareness, prevention, correction, protection and rescue. This policy has led for instance to: the birth of some Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the donations of recent vehicles to train firefighters, the development of different employee trainings or educational program dedicated to road safety and sustainable mobility, or also the creation of the LAB with PSA Peugeot-Citroën, focused on accident research, biomechanics and human behavior 50 years ago.

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