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World tour of Essilor’s local support initiatives to facilitate customers’ safe return to a “new normal”

Local teams have been fully mobilized and focused on their customers’ specific needs to increase their flexibility and resilience during these challenging times. Essilor is committed to supporting its ECP partners in the world to enable consumers’ easy and rapid access to vision solutions. This support combines webinars & e-trainings, revamped product offering adapted to the new normal, development of security protocols and ready-to-use consumer campaigns.

“Our teams in the field, across geographies, have shown an incredible level of agility to bring vision care products and solutions to our customers and consumers, through relevant and tailor-made digital initiatives. The need for good vision remains essential in this new normal, and I am very grateful to our customers and teams for their proactivity in ensuring this need is addressed in the restart of the activity.”
Paul du Saillant, CEO of Essilor International.



1. Webinars & e-trainings
Since March, Essilor teams have launched a series of informative digital campaigns, webinars and e-learning sessions to remain connected with customers and end consumers, in order to help them prepare for the new normal.
In April and March, 166 webinars were organized across the ASEAN region. They attracted 37,200 customers views with an average of 1,000 attendees per session.
In France, 30 webinars and 1,430 e-learning sessions were set up, reaching several thousand customers.
Our teams in China launched “POISED selling skills training” and “EYEQ ME” to train and increase the knowledge of customers and general public.
In Korea, 3,000 ECPs trained with a “new normal” 100% online, fun & engaging module, about products and new consumer demands.
In the Nordic countries*, Essilor distributed digital newsletters, step-by-step videos and organized virtual webinars to share best-practices on social media to help increase the online visibility of ECPs businesses.
These are just a few examples of what the Essilor teams all around the world have set up to support customers…

2. Revamped product offering adapted to the new normal
COVID-19 and the lockdowns triggered an opportunity to highlight adapted products and services:
• more connected to visual health
• addressing the issue of foggy lenses when wearing a mask
• relieving eyestrain due to longer time screen when working remotely
• lenses to wear both inside and outside, to avoid touching one’s eyewear and face

In Korea, Essilor teams launched a nation-wide call to action to ECPs promoting blue cut lenses for customers, triggered by remote working and the sharp increase in screen time during the crisis, that exposed the eyes to harmful blue light emitted by screens.
In France, Essilor teams promoted Essilor’s most trusted brands such as Transitions, Varilux, Eyezen, Optifog and Essilor Pro-Safety.
Recommended eye exam safety protocols include instruments that are adapted to the new normal and improve consumer experience. In Nordic* countries focus was put on instruments such as Vision-RTM 800, essential for an improved and safe refraction experience.

3. Development of security protocols
The health and safety of people is a priority for Essilor. The teams created a variety of initiatives and protocols to accompany and ensure the well-being of consumers and ECPs staff in stores.
The teams in Korea designed Essilor « Hope » kits containing lens wipe, masks, hand sanitizers and positive fortune cookie message. These kits have been distributed in 2,000 stores all over the country.
Italian teams developed messages, tools and gadgets to ensure a safe restart of ECPs activities.
China and Korea implemented stringent sanitary measures and distributed masks and sanitizers.
In China awareness campaigns were run on WeChat three times a week to help employees have a better understanding of epidemic prevention.
In France, tips and resources on COVID-19 prevention were developed and made available to ECPs via Essilor’s B2B platform Essishop.
In the Nordics, slit lamp protection was offered as part of new protocol.

4. Ready-to-use consumer campaigns
Essilor, in collaboration with its customers, has created original campaigns to reassure consumers going back to stores.
In Korea, the teams worked with customers to re-connect with consumers through the roll-out of dedicated marketing campaigns in progressive phases to stimulate demand, focusing notably on affordability, which is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Digital contents were focused on eye health and hygiene.
In France, online modules were posted on Essilor.fr for consumers to check and update their prescriptions; they also created online appointment booking services. In parallel, Essilor France strengthened local communications via its “On garde un oeil sur vous” (We’re keeping an eye on you).
In Italy, the #felicidirivedervi (Happy to see you again) campaign was launched, combining social media campaigns, promotions to boost demand and offered creative objects to be displayed within the store.

*Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden

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