2019 World Sight Day a global success at Essilor

Through hundreds of initiatives, World Sight Day was an opportunity for the Group to celebrate and renew its commitment to improving lives by improving sight.

This year, for its global corporate campaign, Essilor placed the spotlight on the fight against myopia. Myopia rates continue to worsen globally, as 5 billion people, approximately half of the world’s population, are expected to be myopic by 2050. Today, public awareness on myopia remains limited, leading to poor predictability and restricted treatment, with significant consequences on people’s quality of life. This is why Essilor’s campaign had 2 core targets who have the most crucial need to take action: parents – to check their children’s vision – and young adults. This was set in motion with the objective to raise awareness of the global epidemic and invite people to check and correct their vision regularly and to adapt their daily habits accordingly.

Once again, Essilor’s employees proved to be a real driving force throughout the day with events, lab visits for children and young adults, eye tests, donations of spectacle frames, school visits to educate on myopia and more, further reinforcing the campaign messaging. These initiatives proved to be a tremendous success across Essilor’s global sites and cities.

Watch this video to discover a few amongst hundreds of initiatives carried out within the Group as well as partners and suppliers.


World Sight Day 2019 in figures

  • +50,000 participants
  • +70 countries
  • +82 entities
  • +35,000 onsite vision screeningeye tests
  • +30,000 online vision screening tests on

Celebrating with partners and suppliers from all over
Essilor partners and suppliers also jumped on the bandwagon of marking the occasion and contributed to the success of the campaign.

Altavia Italia, part of international retail communication specialists Altavia group, participated with an internal awareness-raising campaign on myopia with various printed and social media assets and conducted vision screening tests for employees.

In Singapore and in France, more than 300 people at global logistics company, UPS and online food delivery specialist, Deliveroo, had their vision screened by volunteers thanks to and with Essilor’s instruments (WAM700+ and VIsiosmart500).

BMS All Circuits, a major player in the electronics business, conducted eye screening on 50 employees and took the opportunity to learn more about Essilor, myopia and ways to improve vision.

Reaching 98 million people on social media
The campaign was widely shared on social media, with a teasing, reveal and roll-out phase. In total, this resulted in more than 32,000 posts about World Sight Day, globally.

A dedicated advocacy website,, which shared key messages and calls to action to “check your vision” was made available in 11 languages and had over 66,000 visitors between 9 October 9 and November 5. The digital campaign was a success in terms of visibility, largely due to the online activities of Essilor’s partners and suppliers, and to the media campaign on the Group’s Facebook and Instagram corporate accounts, which ran from October 5 to October 28 and enabled reach to over 6 million people.


World Sight Day wouldn’t be a success without your support and participation.
Congratulations to everyone and thank you!

See you next year…

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