Silmo d’Or Awards for Essilor Instruments and BBGR at Paris International tradeshow

With Vision-R™800 phoropter, eye exams will never be the same again!
Vision R™800 is a breakthrough phoropter, the instrument used by eye care practitioners to measure patients’ correction needs and prescribe vision correction solutions.


Subjective eye exams have hardly evolved over the last 150 years … that is, until now! After four years of R&D, Essilor’s Instruments team introduces the Vision-R™ 800 phoropter thereby re-inventing the eye exam to make refraction more precise, more comfortable for the patient and easier to perform for the practitioner.
The phoropter, its continuous power variation optical module and associated procedures, enable eye care practitioners to deliver prescriptions up to 0.01 diopter precision – while the previous measurement accuracy in subjective refraction was 0.25 diopter – thus offering patients the best of their vision.
The Vision-R™ 800’s smooth and continuous power changes and wider field of vision make the eye exam very comfortable and less tiring for the patients. The exam ends with a fascinating experience during which the patient is able to perceive the benefits of the proposed prescription in an immersive real life situation.
The new exam protocol, using disruptive algorithms, enables the practitioner to reach the final refraction in an easier and faster way than with traditional methods. The prescription delivered is highly reliable and the prescription eyewear provided perfectly adapted.

This ground-breaking technology is to be rolled out worldwide, starting in Europe where the Vision-R™ 800 phoropter is already very well received by the eye care professionals and the orders log is very encouraging.

BLUV® Xpert, BBGR’s visual health innovation


We are more and more exposed to harmful light. Chronic UV exposure can be associated with the origin of several cornea and crystalline diseases. Harmful blue light may increase the impact of glare and visual fatigue*.
The new BLUV® Xpert lenses are designed for everyday wear. The specific molecules inside and the new patented nano technology offer a 2-in-1 protection against UV and harmful blue light**, while allowing the lenses to be transparent***. BLUV® Xpert lenses can be combined with Neva® Max UV and /or Neva® Max Blue UV to increase protection against UV back side reflections and/or harmful blue light.

*visual fatigue is a multi-factorial phenomenon
** On the front of the lens 100% of UV (up to 380 nm) are blocked; 100% of blue light is blocked up to 404nm for 1.60 & 1.67; 1.5 lens blocks 100% up to 402nm. At least 20% of harmful blue light is blocked up to 415-455nm (Arnault & al, 2013, Plos One)
*** Extremely low residual tint resulting from absorbing harmful blue light

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