Local initiatives build awareness of vision and road safety

The Essilor-FIA awareness campaign “Road safety starts with good vision” has the ambition to reach every road user in the world. “To make a change on a global scale, we need to work locally, through the aggregation of local initiatives,” explains David Navarro, Head of the FIA partnership at Essilor International. The impact and success of this strategic alliance is driven by Essilor Group entities working hand-in-hand with FIA-affiliated clubs to raise awareness on the importance of good vision for safe driving and encourage road users to have regular eye checks.

In the first three months of 2018 the “Road Safety starts with good vision” campaign has moved up a gear with a series of local initiatives created by Essilor and FIA-affiliated clubs to get the vision and road safety message across to eye care professionals, motorists and road users across the world. Essilor’s partnership with the FIA opens opportunities to reach new audiences, stakeholders and partners in the mobility world – from the 80 million members of FIA clubs, local authorities, driving schools, to gas stations and car manufacturers.

According to David Navarro, “The FIA / Essilor partnership is leading a cause at a global scale calling road users and stakeholders to join and take action. Everyone should be concerned about improving their vision on the road, by appropriate visual correction and by glare protection at sunny days or at night. Joining forces with the FIA demonstrates Essilor’s engagement in road safety and is totally in line with our Mission, improving lives by improving sight”.

Take a tour of a few of these important awareness building actions from Belgium, Italy to Spain and India.


  • Essilor/FIA

    Road safety / good vision campaign visual

  • Italy

    The MIDO Eyewear show in Milan in February offered the ideal event to engage the optics industry and eye care professionals behind vision and road safety. Essilor announced its collaboration in Italy the emblematic club ACI (Automobile Club d’Italia).

  • Max

    Essilor unveiled the name of Essilor’s global campaign icon. The crash test dummy with glasses ambassador - now called MAX (Max Vision, Max Safety) - was highly visible present at events throughout MIDO.

  • Belgium

    In January 2018, Essilor collaborated with local FIA partner Touring Club Belgium to promote four days of free visual screenings at the Brussels Motor Show, performing 500 eye tests.

  • Spain

    In February, Essilor’s campaign featured on national TV in Spain as part of an in-depth program.

  • India

    The Indian WIAA-FIAA club and Essilor offering free eye screenings to the visiting public in February at the Vintage & Classic Car Rally 2018 in Mumbai, India. Essilor will continue collaborating to raise awareness during national Road Safety Week organized by the India Ministry of Transport in April.

  • Essilor/FIA

    Road deaths and injuries are a growing global health issue and reducing the numbers is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Vision is now officially a part of the road safety agenda.

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