Vision for Life™ was created in 2015 to fund community vision health initiatives, in particular for the 2.5 billion people in the world living with uncorrected poor vision. In France, Vision for Life™ has focused on raising awareness of the importance of good vision as well as improving access to vision care for targeted communities in need, including families living in precarity, migrants, students and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over the past three years, Vision for Life™ has created a number of long-term initiatives with social partners including Secours Populaire, Samu Social, Emmaüs and Médecins du Monde. One example is a program with the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation and the Association of Paris Public Hospitals to provide eye examinations, treatment and eyeglasses to families living in precarity. Nearly 3,000 individuals have benefited at vision care sessions held twice-weekly and on 10 weekends a year. For 400 migrant families, Vision for Life™ organized a visual health day in June 2017 at an emergency shelter in the Paris region; a second event is planned for May 2018.

Detecting and correcting vision problems is vital for learning and employment opportunities.  Over the past year Vision for Life™ has also supported a number of national educational initiatives. These include a program with the Paris Education Authority in March 2017 to help school nurses better understand new areas such as the impact of screen use, exposure to UV and myopia and help educate students and their families about vision health. The program will be rolled out to 30 other education authorities over the next two years. A second long-term project has seen Vision for Life™  help more than 30,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit from visual health advice and screening at the annual Jeunes d’Avenir employment fair since 2015.

All these Vision for Life™ initiatives are made possible through the support of hundreds of eye care professionals and Essilor employees who volunteer their time to supporting others in need. Essilor would like to thank all its partners, customers and employees who are helping us advance our mission of improving lives by improving sight.  

  • Program with the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation

    Bringing access to quality vision care for families living in precarity

  • Visual health for migrant families

    Visual health day for 400 migrant families from the Paris region

  • Program with the Paris Education Authority

    Helping school nurses better understand issues impacting vision and learning

  • “Jeunes d’Avenir” employment fair

    Visual health and career advice for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

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