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Essilor supports coronavirus relief efforts in China

The Group leveraged its global and local interconnected lab network to ensure full business continuity for customers worldwide; this includes the restarting of its domestic business production in China.

Every single effort counts. This is something that Essilor knows well: throughout its 170-year history, the Group has had a legacy of helping local and global communities, as part of its mission of improving lives by improving sight.

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which originated in China, is alarming public health authorities across the world and has now spread to more than 25 countries. At this challenging time, our thoughts are with the Chinese population who have demonstrated great strength and resilience in dealing with the situation, and in particular the people in Wuhan and Hubei.

To further support the government in its strong and unprecedented response, Essilor has mobilized quickly to provide donations and support from across its businesses to help those impacted.

Here’s a look at the Group’s efforts to date:

  1. Implemented key internal health and safety measures for its employees
    As a responsible company, Essilor has been calling for public health awareness and regards the safety and health of its employees as a top priority. Following the outbreak, an epidemic emergency and crisis management team was set up to actively take prevention measures and maximize the protection of employee well-being. The objective of the team is also to define priorities in China, ensure continued service to customers and monitor the evolution of the situation locally and across the globe, in order to help the Group to proactively adapt its measures.
    Corresponding working groups have also been established across entities locally and globally to ensure that everyone is working together and is well coordinated against the epidemic. This includes the disinfection of offices and factories, and equipping of all working spaces with anti-epidemic materials to ensure that employees have ready access to hand sanitizers, masks, thermometers, etc. Employees are encouraged to avoid unnecessary business travel, work from home, and engage with customers notably to share best safety practices.
  2. Over 200,000 masks, protective goggles and supplies have been donated to front-line respondents including local police forces, custom officers and healthcare workers
    Wearing masks and protective goggles is highly recommended for those living in high-risk areas (high community transmission rates) and for those in contact with loved ones who have contracted the virus. To help ensure that people who are on the frontlines of this public health crisis in China have adequate protection, Essilor has donated over 200,000 face and eye masks, protective goggles, and anti-fog goggle cloths. Recipients include the Shanghai Traffic Police force who is responsible for checking on the health of people entering the city, the Shanghai Customs as well as local healthcare workers at the Tongji Pediatric Hospital in Wuhan and the Aier Hospital in Xiaogan, Hubei. Essilor Group’s supply chain team is also supporting local customers such as AiEr in the importation process of facial masks.Over 200,000 masks, protective goggles and supplies have been donatedIn addition, 1.5 million Renminbi (RMB), or 198,000 euros, have been donated to the Wuhan Charity Federation for epidemic protection and prevention purposes. The donations will be used to help purchase masks, goggles and protection items.
  3. Leveraged its global network of laboratories and plants to ensure full business continuity for its customers worldwide
    Thanks to the unparalleled strength and flexibility of its global network of labs and manufacturing plants, Essilor has been able to ensure product flows to customers have remained unaffected across geographies and full business continuity of services around the globe, including Essilor’s domestic business as local factories have restarted their production.

“Essilor takes this situation very seriously and is committed to doing what it can to support the efforts of the Chinese government and local authorities. I am extremely proud of the response and the outpouring of support from Essilor employees which have been both exemplary and heartening. Our heart is with the people of Wuhan and other parts of China, as well as our employees who are confined at home in Hubei because of the situation. We truly recognize the efforts and commitment of our teams in China and worldwide in handling the situation and their work going forward,” said Arnaud Ribadeau Dumas, CEO of Essilor Greater China and Global Instruments Division.

Click here to support the Essilor Vision Foundation’s efforts against the coronavirus outbreak. All funds will go to Essilor Vision Foundation China to provide medical assistance and support to communities in China.

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