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Essilor launches progressive web app version of Essilor Companion™ for all partner eye care professionals

This initiative aims to streamline the digital ecosystem for Essilor’s industry partners including eye care professionals (ECPs), as well as offer a superior digital Essilor brand experience in-store.

Reiterating Essilor’s digital-first approach to business, the company has launched the Progressive web app (PWA) version of Essilor Companion™, an all-in-one interactive solution that simplifies the consultation process for both ECPs and customers. Closely following a successful launch in 35 countries last year, the PWA offers a superior digital Essilor brand experience in-store. It adds value to Essilor’s partner ECPs in their daily customer interactions by collecting information throughout the whole journey and provides intuitive tailor-made lens recommendations.

Why a Progressive web app version for Essilor Companion™
Progressive web app, or PWA, is the latest web technology that allows anyone to use web sites as native mobile or desktop apps. It offers a more streamlined alternative to downloading a full app, while still providing users with instant access to the Essilor digital brand experience in-store. While the Essilor Companion™ was positively received across many countries last year, the PWA version of the app, which is fully developed in-house for the first time, enables it to be displayed on all devices including laptops, desktops, tablets.

This provides further access to more industry professionals to benefit from a software that recommends the best-in-class lens combination to increase the patient’s satisfaction as well as their overall business performance. The PWA has been rolled out since July 1 onwards with an ambitious plan for the following year, in order to deploy its solution across partner stores globally.

Essilor Companion™ is fully compliant with the Essilor brand ecosystem as it includes key guidelines, images and ‘look and feel’ while adapting to the in-store environment:
– The experience kicks off with an interactive questionnaire, the ‘Need Explorer’, which assesses customer’s eye care needs through a set of demographics and lifestyle questions (9 general questions + 18 extra questions). A kid-friendly version is available for a more playful user experience.
– Moving onto the Eye Exam, the app generates a prescription summary as medical information is entered manually by the practitioner upon receiving the test results.
– When it comes to Measurements, the software swiftly collates frame characteristics, basic PD, height as well as other advanced measurements, in order to identify the weight and aesthetic of the Essilor solution.
– A customized recommendation is generated automatically with 7 different ‘decision trees’, including options related to lens thickness as well as a final quotation that provides information on key product benefits in order to reassure customers.
– The experience ends upon Delivery, as the customer receives their new pair of glasses and tests them for the first time via a digitalized vision test hosted on the tool.

Key features of Essilor Companion™:
● It can be hosted on any tablets, desktop or laptops, on either Google Chrome or Safari, making it fully adaptable to the existing IT equipment of any eye care professional for a fully inclusive experience.
● It is able to connect with a responsive CMS, digital catalogues but also with every touchpoint of the in-store journey for a full comprehensive experience.
● With the help of analytics, the solution relies on advanced technology to ensure best-in-class lens recommendations. Customers can now benefit from tailor-made solutions that perfectly tackle their unique vision needs.
● Customer ID being stored for 60 days (to allow for lens pick-up).
● Virtual lens demo staging real-life situations for customers to test their new Essilor® lenses before purchasing them.
● Accessible educational content (the digital Education Jamboard) that helps customers to better understand their visual defects and the tailored correction that applies to them.

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