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Essilor introduces new visual health model at China International Import Exhibition

Initiated by Chinese President Xi and hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the exhibition enjoyed the support of partners such as the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Introducing a new era for visual health management
As part of the event, Essilor China created an integral ‘visual health experience centre’ in the 108m2 exhibition area, introducing the latest Screen-Correct-Protect & Prevent (S-C-PP) model,a key comprehensive solution which allows better management of visual health. By way of presenting the updated visual health model to customers, Essilor designed five experience zones, ranging from ‘preliminary screening’, ‘special examination’, ‘WAM – the Wave Analyzer Medica – experience’ to ‘comprehensive optometry’ and ‘dispensing area’. The ‘WAM experience’, a 7-in-1 measurement solution,was the most popular among visitors, drawing 4,500 visitors over the 5 days.

High precision screening equipment improves visual health experience
The event also saw the introduction in China of Essilor’s Vision-R™800,an intelligent automatic refractor equipped with patented optical components and flexible lenses that are able to improve the speed and accuracy of eye exams. A number of visitors were attracted to the ‘comprehensive optometry’ area where Vision-R™800 was displayed to try out this cutting-edge technology.

Solutions for myopia prevention: offering a brighter future to teenagers
The presentation of Essilor’s ParagonCRT®100 orthokeratology lens, one of the most effective solutions for myopia control, was also one of the highlights of Essilor’s participation in the event. The design of ParagonCRT®100 enables the eyes to bring light to a focal point, consequently focusing correctly. Once the lenses are removed, corneas can maintain the corrected shape for a certain period of time, so that people only need to wear them during the night to have a clear and natural visual experience in the daytime.

Integrated plans for vision correction, improving lives by improving sight
As a consequence of our dramatically evolving lifestyles, vision-related problems are becoming increasingly serious. Visitors to the CIIE were able to test a variety of Essilor products developed for vision correction, including lenses tailored for patients with special needs such as hypermyopia, hyperopia and squint. Visitors were also able to enjoy the benefits of wearing Essilor lenses thanks to a virtual reality experience.

  • Arnaud Ribadeau Dumas, Essilor's President of Greater China interviewed by China International TV Station

  • Essilor team in China International Import Expo

  • Essilor China Chief Commercial Officer, Chen Luyi, introducing the new visual health model to government officials

  • Essilor Exhibition area at the CIIE

  • Essilor Professional Optometrist explaining Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM) results to a participant

  • Kok Leong Lim, Essilor’s Lens President China interviewed by a reporter from China International TV Station

  • Essilor ParagonCRT®100 Orthokeratology lenses

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