How Essilor engages employees in the Group’s governance

Today over 55% of employees hold shares and represent Essilor’s largest shareholder group. It reflects the Group’s conviction that employee shareholding is a key factor in the company’s long-term growth, supporting and developing an entrepreneurial spirit and enabling employees to share in the Group’s success.

Jeferson M Ramos, Operations Senior Analyst, Essilor Brazil

Jeferson M Ramos

“I was motivated to become a shareholder to have a chance to influence Group decisions. It strengthens my involvement with Essilor and drives me to try harder to improve results and contribute to a better performance. There’s a real diversity to Essilor’s employee shareholding in that it can be offered to top managers as well as operators. In this way, everybody can have the feeling of ownership.”

Valoptec, Essilor’s employee shareholder association of 9,600 members across 46 countries is an international community with an active voice that provides a privileged link between employees and the Group’s Executive and Human Resources Management.

Guido Manassero, IT Manager in Italy, and Valoptec ambassador

Guido Manassero

“To participate in Essilor’s governance is a huge plus. Valoptec really connects its members to the Group’s decision-making process, in terms of its strategy and human resources policies plus voting resolutions at our annual general meeting. We help create value for the Group, share the benefits and the commitment to fighting poor vision. As a Country Ambassador in Italy, I tell people that joining Valoptec is a tremendous opportunity to be actors in the Group’s future.“

Employees are also involved in decision-making at the highest levels. Essilor’s Board of Directors includes three Directors representing employee shareholders, one Director representing employées, as well as three representatives of the Central Works Council (in an advisory capacity).

Delphine Zablocki, skilled operator at Essilor’s production site in Dijon, France and Essilor International Board Member

Delphine Zablocki

“My role is to link the Group’s Board to the reality and concerns in the field, in particular our production environment. Listening and contributing to strategic discussions allows me to step back and see our company from a much wider angle and better understand how decisions are made for the long-term development of the Group.”


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