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Essilor commercial brand: what’s behind the new campaign?

A more comprehensible product offering
Seeing well is essential for living well, but wearers may feel a little lost when it comes to choosing appropriate lenses for their vision needs. Although evidence shows that today’s consumers would like to play a more active role in purchasing their eyeglasses, the vast majority still need support and advice from a specialist.

At the same time, eyecare professionals, overwhelmed by Essilor product offering, are also looking for a simpler line in order to recommend their consumers the best vision solution adapted to their needs. It was in a drive to simplify our message that the strategy for the Essilor umbrella brand was conceived.

The umbrella brand strategy
This need to educate customers and clarify offering involves repositioning Essilor as an umbrella brand. The fact is, while the general public recognizes a certain number of the various Essilor brands – such as Varilux or Crizal, they don’t always know that they all come from the same company. Essilor has a premium image and is world-renowned by professionals for its expertise and impressive ability to innovate.

For that reason, the Essilor brand, represented by its well known “blue logo”, now speaks with one voice. The new Essilor brand is built around three key steps that are designed to highlight the value offered by each brand-product to: correct your vision, protect your eyes, enhance clarity.

In addition to showcasing the technical know-how behind Essilor products, the brand is looking to forge an emotional bond with consumers by drawing on its strong values and turn Essilor into a love brand. In the past, Essilor campaigns have focused on each product and its technological features. Today, Essilor has appealed to the emotions so that the message shared is stronger and the consumer feels more engaged with the product.

Essilor’s customers at the heart of the change
As a link between Essilor and wearers, eye care professionals play an important role, a role this new marketing strategy hopes to reinforce. The approach is intended to help them confirm their position of experts by allowing them to enhance the effectiveness of their customer advice and broaden the reach of their messages to wearers. In the interests of strengthening that valuable relationship, Essilor has created an array of B2B resources designed for eye care professionals, to help them understand the umbrella brand’s offer and those of its sub-brands.

See more. Do more.
A new look and feel has been developed for the campaign, as well as a new slogan: “See more. Do more.”. The guiding principle behind this new tagline is to show vision professionals and wearers alike that, with Essilor, consumers are choosing more than just a corrective lens, but one adapted to their lifestyle. Indeed, it’s all about “improving lives by improving sight”, since better vision provides greater day-to-day fulfillment and helps people to fully pursue their passions in life. The new campaign of Essilor’s commercial brand is thus entirely in line with the Group’s mission.

This new brand positioning is reflected in a high-profile media campaign covering all consumer contact points: television, social media, outdoor advertising and point of sale displays, as well as the local Essilor’s websites.

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