COVID-19 crisis: How Essilor ensures continued access to vision care and protects the safety of its customers, consumers and employees

As a world leader, we have a responsibility and we can make a difference by ensuring secured access to eye care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teams have been mobilized since the start of the crisis, working on adequate solutions to continue providing consumers with the vision equipment they need and supporting the Group’s customers, everywhere in the world, to prepare for the restart of their activities.

As countries start to progressively ease their lockdowns globally, and businesses get ready to resume their activities, Essilor rolls out a series of initiatives to accompany a safe return to a “new normal” – for its own teams, its customers and consumers across the world.

Providing consumers with the appropriate vision solutions
In the past weeks, we have focused on anticipating consumers’ specific needs in the aftermath of the current lockdowns.

Catering to the specific needs triggered by remote work and the sharp increase in screen time, the Group offers different products helping to reduce eyestrain and protect the eyes from harmful blue light (Eyezen Start for example). In parallel, as people again start to spend more time outside following the ease of the lockdowns, Essilor provides tailored lenses to address their needs for anti-fog solutions and protection from harmful UV light such as photochromic lenses, a very relevant post-lockdown protection, as the same frame can be worn both indoors and outdoors, which avoids manipulations and keeps the glasses clean.

Throughout the entire lockdown period and going forward, the Group’s e-commerce operations have been, and will remain, an integral part of Essilor’s efforts to engage with consumers and answer their needs as they wish to stay informed on vision issues and solutions and purchase adequate vision equipment safely and comfortably.

Along with various promotion campaigns to facilitate access to vision solutions, Essilor will resume its awareness-raising initiatives on the importance of good vision, notably through the upcoming “On The Road Again” campaign, which highlights the fundamental role of good vision for road safety, thereby contributing to a safe return to more outside mobility.

Supporting our customers in the safe relaunch of their activities
Essilor’s subsidiaries share specifically designed guidelines with eye care professionals (ECPs) around the world. Essilor’s teams are there to assist them with the roll-out of refraction and measurement tools and adapted distribution processes adated to the new reality as well as product offerings and trainings in order to accompany a safe return to practice.

These guidelines feature, amongst other elements, a set of in-store space re-organization recommendations, developed by the Group’s marketing teams, and detailed explanations from the communications teams of Essilor’s Instruments division on the appropriate use of instruments for eye exams and measurements, including the benefits of remote usen, such as Vision-R 800 high precision refraction phoropter and Visioffice® X.

Ensuring a safe work and production environment for Essilor’s teams and guaranteeing the continued, safe delivery of products has always been, and will continue to be, the Group’s first priority. To this end, Essilor has further developed and adapted its internal safety protocols that will be implemented and become the new standard across its plants, labs, and distribution going forward.

As part of its efforts to accompany a safe return to practice, Essilor also offers its partners the opportunity to order protective gear and disinfection products for their staff and consumers, leveraging the Group’s global supply network.

As ECPs seek for solutions to manage consumer flow within their stores, Essilor will be supporting them in deploying a suite of technological solutions to serve consumers appropriately while following the relevant sanitary regulations in the specific markets. These solutions range from schedule design and appointment booking, to queue management and multi-channel communications, supporting safe store operations while reassuring consumers.

The Group will also work with its customers to re-connect with consumers through the roll-out of dedicated marketing campaigns, bringing the topic of vision back on the agenda, and by providing continued access to Essilor’s e-learning platforms.

Maintaining our commitment to “safety first”
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Essilor has made various donations, supplying around one million masks, gloves, and protective goggles to front line workers in local communities around the world. Looking ahead, the Group is committed to continue sourcing protective gear and share them with those in need.

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