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2018 World Sight Day: a strong mobilization for an exceptional day

We are all dedicated to bringing good vision to everyone everywhere. For this year’s World Sight Day, our teams, partners and suppliers took up the challenge to raise awareness about the importance of good vision on the roads – an important topic on which the Group has been active for years, especially since the signing of a partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in September 2017.

Today, the link between vision and road safety is firmly established: according to the World Health Organization, 1.25 million people worldwide die from road accidents and 50 million are severely injured. Studies show that one in five drivers has vision problems, and vision is one of the contributing factors in a large number of road accidents. Good vision is also essential for the safety of the most vulnerable, such as motorbike riders, cyclists or pedestrians.

Thanks to posters, conferences, public statements, eye tests, donations of spectacle frames, games, fun activities and more, our teams put into action our call to road users to adopt 3 good habits to improve safety:
– Check your vision,
– Protect your eyes from glare,
– Wear appropriate glasses.

Watch our video to discover some of the hundreds of initiatives carried out within the Group and its subsidiaries, as well as some of the highly original events organized by our suppliers and partners who have helped us to increase mobilization around the world. Thanks go to everyone for their commitment.

Essilor suppliers also contributed to the success of the campaign. This year, 160 Essilor suppliers from sectors as diverse as transport, IT, infrastructure management and consulting in 32 countries replied to our call to action for World Sight Day. For example, Bolloré Logistics mobilized no less than 1,450 staff members in 32 branches and 8 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, inviting them to awareness raising speeches for staff, and organized eye tests.

Overall, more than 1,200 eye tests were carried out and our campaign reached over 1.5 million people via our suppliers’ social media pages!

On World Sight Day, an innovative collaboration also began in Kenya. The goal is to give road users access to optical equipment at gas stations and truck stops. This initiative marks a first step for Essilor and Total, who want to continue to improve road safety in Africa by improving awareness and access to eye care.

Lastly, Essilor is proud to see that other stakeholders are joining the movement, and advocating for the importance of good eyesight for better road safety. Major mobility and influential partners, such as the Automobile Club Association (ACA), the Organización Mexicana De Automovilismo Internacional (OMDAI), the Renault car manufacturer, the Arval car rental, the Paris Motor Show, Vinci Autoroutes and the French Road Safety Association, and eye care professionals such as the International Opticians Association, and the Driving Blind Campaign UK, have come on board for World Sight Day and promoted Essilor’s mission by publicizing our campaign.

Our Essilor teams and our ambassador, MAX, were at the Paris Motor Show, supported by our partners, the FIA and the Automobile Club Association (ACA). Representatives from Essilor, ACA and Paris Motor Show spoke during a press conference organized on for the occasion, an excellent platform for the campaign, calling for global mobilization for good vision.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you!
See you next year.

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