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With up to 90% of the information needed to take safe decisions on the road coming through our eyes, good vision is a critical factor for the safety of drivers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians of all ages.
The World Health Organization declares poor eyesight among the main risk factors for road accidents(1). From April 2020, good vision for all road users in the world is officially part of the United Nations’ recommendations for safe mobility(2) to be included in the National Road Safety Policies in all countries.


Poor vision can notably decrease your chances of reacting in time, putting yourself and others at risk.
Protect yourself in all conditions.

A lack of vision correction can be dangerous on the road

At 50km/h, a driver with poor vision can require an additional 3 seconds to clearly identify road signs.(3)

Glare can affect anyone in all conditions

During the day, by eliminating reflected glare, polarized lenses improve driver reaction time by up to 0.3 seconds. At 130km/h, this reduces the stopping distance by up to 11 meters.(4)

Presbyopes have difficulties seeing at several distances

Progressive lenses help you see street signs at a distance of 60m compared to 38m with multi-focal contact lenses.*(5)


Everyone is concerned by the importance of good vision on the road. The global campaign “Road Safety Starts with Good Vision” jointly promoted by Essilor and Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has called public and stakeholders to join for a world of safer roads and better sight. With the help of MAX, Essilor’s iconic ambassador, a crash test dummy with glasses, the campaign proposes the following:

• Check your vision regularly
• Protect your eyes from glare
• Wear your glasses on the road


As a vision care leader and in line with our commitment to promote safe mobility across the globe, Essilor provides tailor-made vision solutions to help you test your eyes accurately, see better and enjoy the road safely. This video shows how Essilor provides you with optimal vision to enjoy your journey, in every situation through its three pillars of vision excellence:

• Correct your vision
• Protect your eyes
• Enhance clarity

Follow your eye care professional’s advice in order to get fully personalized lenses that suit your lifestyle.

Our main


Vision is the most used of our senses. 80% of information is received via sight. How our eyes are complex high-performance organs that are rarely perfect.


Having proper visual correction is important for well-being and our everyday comfort. But it does not always guarantee us total eye protection.

*47.5m is the required stopping distance when driving at 50km/h on a dry road.
(1) Source: 2006, World Health Organization Training Manual: Road Traffic Injury Prevention.
(2) Source: 2020, United Nations Inland Transport Committee Recommendations for Enhancing National Road Safety Systems

(3) Source: 2013, Essilor R&D internal calculations for Taxi Drivers Study. Calculations done taking into account only the visual performance of the driver. For a road panel positioned on a straight road at a height of 4m, if a person with 1.0 visual acuity (capable to discern 2 points seen under an angle of 1 minute-arc) see a detail on a road panel at 100 mts, a person with 0.5 visual acuity (capable to discern 2 points seen under an angle of 2 minute-arc) will see the same detial at 50 mts.
(4) Source: 2009, Zikos, G.A., et al., Contrast Sensitivity and Reaction Times with Polarized and Tinted Lenses in a Driving Environment. Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology
(5) Source: 1999, Owsley, C. et al., “Older Drivers and Cataract: Driving Habits and Crash Risk”. The journals of Gerontology, Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences.



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