It’s great to play
an active role
in the group’s strategy

Guido Manassero, IT Manager and Country Ambassador for Valoptec, Essilor Italy

I was working for Essilor in France as Industrial Project Manager ten years ago when I joined Valoptec, the Group’s employee shareholder association. To participate in Essilor’s governance, to share both its mission and its prosperity through an international community of 9,000 other shareholders in 46 countries was a huge plus. It’s very unusual to take part in a Group’s growth and strategy and to feel we make a difference. As members we are helping Essilor meet its goal of improving vision everywhere, and that is highly rewarding.

What I find terrific about this is that Valoptec really connects its members to the Group’s decision-making process. As the Group’s leading shareholder, we have a say each year in Essilor’s strategy and human resources policies plus we vote resolutions at an annual general meeting; so we help create value for the Group, share the benefits, and at the same time we share the commitment to fighting poor vision.

I’m very proud to act as Country Ambassador for Valoptec in Italy. In this role, I’m actively trying to sign up more employees. I explain that joining Valoptec is a huge opportunity to be proactively involved in the Group’s future. This is very special and has lots of appeal.

  • Valoptec really connects its members to the company’s decision-making process

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