Hubert Sagnières
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer

In 2017, Essilor advanced our mission by continuing to offer the best solutions adapted to changing vision needs, by growing our presence in developing markets and by expanding new distribution channels that leave nobody behind.

Finding new ways to push back the frontiers of poor vision is vital for people’s well-being and the prosperity of the world. Essilor announced its decision in March 2018 to invest a further €19 million in its philanthropic and inclusive business activities. We believe that our renewed commitment will encourage others to combine their strengths with our resources to make a real step change and eradicate poor vision in one generation.

It is our great fortune to have 67,000 dedicated employees worldwide who work tirelessly to help people enjoy the best vision possible. More than 25,000 employees chose to become shareholders in 2017 bringing the total number to more than 35,000 which represents 55% of all employees worldwide. This has reinforced Essilor’s unique model of corporate governance with new perspectives that enrich our decision-making.

The opportunities to keep growing our business while contributing to social and economic development are vast. By combining forces with Luxottica, we will create a responsible market leader that will give vision an even greater voice and increase our impact on the world’s visual health.

Good vision has the power to change lives

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