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We have an ambition to eradicate poor vision in one generation. Meet a few of the 5,700 primary vision care providers we’ve created since 2013 who are bringing vision correction to their communities and transforming lives.

Meet Joshi – she’s one of 3,700 Eye Mitra™ across 13 states in India who have helped nearly 2 million people in their local communities to see clearly. Eye Mitra™ is a pioneering program providing three benefits in one: developing skills, creating micro-enterprises, and tackling poor vision.

Today, Joshi is the proud owner of an optical store in Jangaon, in the southern Indian state of Telangana, where she provides primary vision care including refraction, edging, and mounting of glasses. Included in her training were the skills needed to successfully operate a small business and, just one year after her graduation, Joshi is the top seller in the region. In addition to earning a decent living, Joshi is improving the sight of her local community through access to affordable vision care and also improving the lives of her customers. Thanks to Eye Mitra™, Joshi is finally independent and financially stable with a business that benefits her life as well as the health and well-being of her village.

Essilor continued to grow its Vision Ambassador™ program, launched in 2015, to expand access to simple solutions such as reading glasses and sunglasses.

  • Yang Qi Zheng, village doctor and Vision Ambassador™ in Suwan Town in rural China: “I’m delighted to offer eyeglasses in my clinic as now my customers can read the medicine labels clearly.”

  • In Indonesia, 30,000 Optik Keliling travel from village to village selling glasses, connecting through a teleoptometry app with trained eye care professionals to verify and issue prescriptions.

  • Essilor recruits community health workers who are well known and respected to provide vision care services. This strong local connection has made Domiana Mwikali one of the most successful Vision Ambassadors™ in Kenya.

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