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Franck Henrionnet

Franck HENRIONNET, production manager - Instruments department - Asia, Shanghai (China)

What has been your career path at Essilor ?
I started at Essilor in August 2005 as a service provider, working on a supplier quality project with the Quality Department at the Compasserie Instrument factory (Lorraine).
On completion of the project in September 2006, I was hired to take over responsibility for that department.
Since September 2010 I have been based in Shanghai as head of production at our local instruments division unit - EIA (Essilor Instruments of Asia).

What are the main missions in your job ?
My main role is to manage production and provide on-time quality products.
Another of my responsibilities is to successfully replicate 2 assembly lines from the Compasserie factory so that we can produce locally for the Asian market. In order to do this, it's important that we create and maintain links between the two units - EIE (Essilor Instruments Europe) and EIA. The time I spent working with EIE and my experience have made it much easier to set up and maintain these relations.

Day after day, what does your job brings you?
I am gaining operational experience in production in my current post - in addition to the experience I have acquired as a quality engineer. I am also gaining overseas management skills.
All of these experiences complement one another and if I am here now, it’s because I can easily adapt to change.

What project are you the most proud of ?
I am proud of all the work we did at the Compasserie factory in the Quality department. But what I am most proud of is what I am doing here in China and to have restructured and optimized the production, the main aim being to produce high-quality instruments.

How do you imagine the way your job will develop in the future?
A natural development for the role would involve me hierarchically managing all of EIA’s operational tasks (production, purchasing, procurement, logistics and quality).
This would give me an overall view, from supply through to dispatch, with a real organizational role, so that I could secure optimum efficiency.
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