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UV, a threat for your eyes

UV Light: A Major Threat to Healthy Vision 

While the public is generally aware of the importance of sun protection for the skin and the eyes, many people do not take the measures necessary to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays which have a direct and cumulative impact on eye health. UV light accelerates eye ageing,and the appearance of skin cancer and cataracts.

Around 15 million people worldwide become blind from cataract annually of which 20% may be due caused or aggravated by UV exposure. In addition, 5 to 10% of skin cancers, also directly linked to UV rays, appear in the eye periphery.

Though UV rays are most powerful in sunny situations, they pose a threat 365 days a year, even in cloudy weather. 40% of UV exposure occurs when people are not in full sunlight and may not feel the need to protect their eyes.

Essilor’s Solution: The Best UV Protection for a Corrective Lens

All lenses are not equal in terms of UV protection. Most lenses prevent transmission of UV rays hitting the front side of the lens. However, up until now, even the best eyeglasses did not protect against the danger of the UV rays coming from the back and sides of the lens, which can represent up to 50% of damaging UV light. Crizal UV combines for the first time:
Essilor is convinced that its unique evaluation system (see next section on E-SPF), along with Crizal UV, will increase consumer knowledge on UV and help improve visual health by protecting the eye from invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV rays.
This breakthrough innovation has the potential to make an impact on the lives of individuals of all ages with all types of vision needs, all year long.

As with your skin, your eyes also have a maximum accumulation of UV exposure that they can tolerate. Our objective is to show that with Crizal UV, you increase the protection provided to your eyes». Luc Bouvier, Crizal Brand Manager, Essilor International

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