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Employee shareholding

Valoptec Association

The Valoptec Association, the leading shareholder in the Essilor group, represents an employee-shareholder base of 6000 members around the world (working, retired, partners and former employees). Members of Valoptec own 6.5% of the company's share capital.

Fully aware of its responsibilities, Valoptec plays an active role in the group's decisions. Acting as a real partner to the company's directors, Valoptec ensures a balance between the smooth running of the company and respect for human values.
A historic partner

The Essilor Group and the Valoptec Association were set up together. At that time the association held 50% of the capital and its members were managers who held shares in the new Group.

A Business Investment Plan was set up for the French businesses.

Start of the 1980s
Valoptec was opened up to international employees.

Valoptec Association today counts more than 6,000 members in 34 countries.

By 2020
, Valoptec will probably number more than 12,000 members.
All shall be heard
Valoptec Association is run by an international Board of Directors that is made up of 16 representatives. It's role is to be a special link between local operations and the General Management/HR Department.

To achieve this, a Valoptec Board meeting is held before each Essilor Board meeting (approximately every two months), during which discussions take place in the presence of the General Management and the HR Department.
The Board is also supported by several commissions to complete its work.
Three members of the Valoptec Board also sit on the Essilor Board, three on the Strategic Committee and one on the Audit Committee.

All the association's members come together twice a year at a General Meeting and play an active role in the company's decisions, particularly via a vote of confidence in the group's strategy and the HR policy.
Aïcha Mokdahi, Président de Valoptec Association A word from...
Aicha Mokdahi, Chairman of the Valoptec Association
"It is vital that we remain the leading shareholder in our group to ensure Essilor's independence. Contributing to the overall strategy or offering advice on the HR policy is very important for an employee. It gives great responsibility, and grants a right of expression rare in a CAC 40 company... It is something I repeat frequently, but that everyone should be aware of - Valoptec is a precious gem and we must ensure that we promote its success."
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