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Wearer's needs

Michelle and her daughter Zoe

Michelle, 45 years old, architect
Zoe, 15 years old, her daughter,
high school student


During the week, Michelle works on her computer, meets clients and regularly visits building sites to check on her projects.
Zoe spends most of the day in lessons or revising. The rest of the time she is often in front of a screen. She spends hours chatting with her friends online or on the phone. She is also a big TV fan.
His needs

"My prescription is strong, so I need lenses which are as thin and light as possible. Marks on my nose and frames that slip aren't for me!".

  • Michelle needs lenses to correct the onset of presbyopia.
    "I am beginning to stretch out my arms when I read the paper or a book and often have headaches at the end of the day.". She is looking for optimal near-sight correction and wants to reduce visual fatigue linked to her working on a computer.

  • Zoe needs to correct her emerging myopia.
    "I sometimes spend a long time on the computer… At the end everything's blurry! It stresses me a bit because apparently myopia progresses very quickly...". She needs lenses which slow down the development of her myopia and bring relief to her near vision work.
Michelle's lenses
Zoe's lenses
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