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XPERIO® the superior generation of sunwear

Xperio® is our brand for prescription polarized sun lenses. Launched in 2009 in the United States, Xperio® is now available in more than 50 countries. Xperio® sunglasses lenses are available whatever your correction through your eye care professional.

Thanks to a polarized filter inserted inside the glass, Xperio® polarized sun lenses eliminate blinding reflected sun’s glare.

Compared to ordinary sunglasses, wearing polarized sunglasses provide:

Ask for xperio sunglasses

Xperio polarized sun lenses are available in brown, gray and gray-green and adapt every wearer sight. Xperio® range of sun lenses covers the widest combination of designs and materials of the market. They are available in single vision, bifocal and Varilux progressive lenses.

Whatever your visual trouble, you will appreciate Xperio® lenses in all situations under the sun.

Xperio polarized lenses are particularly efficient for driving. Driver reaction time is improved by 1/3 of a second, allowing drivers to stop their vehicles 7 meters sooner at 80km/h. It’s the lengths of an intersection! (1)

Ask for Xperio® corrective polarized lenses in your sunglasses to your optometrist or your optician!

Crizal sun ™

For the ultimate in crisp, clear vision, Xperio polarized lenses are recommended with Crizal Sun™, the only anti-reflective coating specifically designed for sunglasses. Crizal Sun offers 360° UV protection, preserving from UV rays reflected by the backside of the lens, and considerably reduce scratches, which is particularly important for sunglasses. Crizal Sun™ protects both your eyes and your investment!

(1) Survey lead by a third independant party in the USA in 2009, measuring survey contrast sensitivity and reaction times with polarized and tinted lenses in a driving environment.

Geographical distribution zones

Sold around the world, Xperio® are available in most Essilor prescription laboratories and through KBco distribution network. Xperio lenses are available in plano lenses via BNL Eurolens.
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