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Sun Tinted lenses

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More fun in the sun

Tinted sunglasses offer good protection from bright light, but most of them alter color perception. Colour distorsion increases with the intensity of the tint of the lens and is at its highest on sunglass lenses in darker categories.
The Physiotint technology: see colours as they really are

Developed exclusively, the tints used for Suntints lenses are not just aesthetic but align with the wearer’s physiology.
Principle: Special calculations based on a sample of natural colours in the environment are used to produce the new coordinates for each colour once it has been transmitted through the tinted lens.

Wearer benefits:
  • immediate visual well-being
  • reduction in visual fatigue at the end of the day
  • specially recommended for protection over long periods
  • ideal for all outdoors activities

A large range of tints:

All Suntints are available in 2 intensities:

  • 5% light transmission (category 4): darkest tints for extreme light conditions
  • 15% light transmission (category 3): standard intensity for the best protection in all circumstances.
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