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Crizal Transitions

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Discover everyday protection and convenience with CRIZAL TRANSITIONS lenses!

Produced by the world leaders in ophtlamic and photochromic lenses, Crizal Transitions lenses provide you with the optimum vision solution.
Perfectly clear indoors, they adapt spontaneously to changing light conditions, with a fast activation in the sun in less than 60 seconds.

Crizal Transitions lenses are 30% faster to fade back to their clear state and conveniently offer a great contrast perception though glare reduction in any light.

Clearer vision in any light

Crizal Transitions lenses provide you with the most enduring clarity of vision with the best resistance to scratches, smudge, water and dust as well as the optimal protection from harmful UV rays. They offer higher light transmission than ordinary lenses*, enhancing your clarity of vision in any light.

*(95% light transmission indoors versus 90% for ordinary clear lenses)

CRIZAL TRANSITIONS  lenses for children, adults, and seniors

Crizal  Transitions lenses fit wearers of all ages by bringing them everyday-convenience, protection and comfort. They are particularly suited for children as their eyes are at three-time greater risk from sun damage as their crystalline lens is not fully developed until age 12.

Available range

Essilor Transitions lenses exist in Brown and Gray colors, are available in a complete range of designs, materials, and prescriptions (single vision, bifocal, and Varilux progressive), and match any kind of frames, even the trendiest ones.

Ask more from your lenses, ask for CRIZAL TRANSITIONS lenses!
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