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Hi Technology

Stylis 1.67

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A thin lens combining discretion and elegance

  • This lens is very thin, particularly discreet. This is an aesthetical lens that perfectly complements the wearer's style.
  • This lens is particularly recommended for rimless frames
  • Full protection against UV rays

Wearer profile

  • Every correction, even the lowest
  • All wearers interested in:
  • Elegance and fashion
  • Hi-tech products
Which type of frame?

Stylis 1.67 can be used with all frame types, and is particularly recommended for rimless frames

Available options

  • Crizal treatment, for a pure aesthetic
  • Transitions option, brown or grey
  • SunTints range, to always combine elegance and protection

For Eye Care Professionals - Mounter's tips

Remember to use the High Index cycle on your edger - it is perfect for Stylis 1.67 and reduces stresses during edging (due to clamping, speed, etc.). In all cases, select the lowest clamping pressure.
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