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Airwear 1.59

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The only lens that gather great impact resistance, ultra-lightness and eco-friendly production process.

  • The ideal lens for all situations thanks to its high level of impact resistance
  • An ultra-light lens that will provide you with total day-to-day satisfaction, both in terms of visual acuity and comfort
  • The production of this lens benefit from a specific process reducing water consumption and allowing waste recycling
  • Full protection against UV rays

Wearer profile

  • Every correction
  • For every frames
  • For all wearers looking for:
    - protection
    - comfort
  • Particularly well-suited to
    - children, thanks to Airwear Junior range
    - sportspeople thanks to Sports SOL-utions range

Which type of frame?

Airwear is well suited to Nylor, rimmed and rimless frames. Refer to the specific processing guide to edge and mount Airwear lenses.

Available options:
  • Crizal treatment, for a better durability
  • Transitions option, brown or grey
  • SunTints range, to be compatible with all your activities under the sun

For Eye Care Professionals - Mounter's tips

Remember to use the Polycarbonate cycle on your edger. Dry roughing and wet polishing.
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