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Single vision lenses

Essilor 360° Lenses

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Introducing High Resolution Vision™ to single-vision wearers

With the complications of modern life, the proliferation of high tech devices, and the many different types of activity people engage in daily, clear vision is more important than ever before.

In the quest for perfect clarity and precision, spectacle wearers are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to lens quality.

Traditional single vision lenses generally correct central vision very effectively, but they do not always meet wearers' increasingly demanding needs in terms of vision quality, since some wearers still experience blurred peripheral vision and lack of contrast.
Ametropes have finally access to true High Resolution Vision

With the introduction of the new Essilor 360° single vision lens, patients with ametropia finally have access to true high resolution vision in all their activities (whatever the gaze directions), whatever the prescriptions.

  • Clearer, Sharper vision across the entire lens: Wearers experience wider fields of vision and superior sharpness even in low light conditions.

  • More vivid colors features and details: contrast sensitivity is improved by an average of 30%. It helps wearers better perceive colors, distinguish objects in their environment, see textures, and discern visual details even in low light conditions.
Discover Essilor f-360°

Essilor f-360° is a combination of the best concepts from Essilor to give High Resolution Vision, Personalization and Style to every ametrope.

Essilor f-360° allows Free Curve Concept. The Eye care professional can adapt at best the front curvature of the lens to any type of frames, providing an optimal equipment in terms of aesthetics. By taking into account within the calculation and the manufacture of the lens 5 specific fitting parameters measured at the optician store (pantoscopic angle, vertex, wrap, fitting height, pupillary distance), we are able to design a unique lens perfectly adapted to each wearer.
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