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Essilor Anti-Fatigue

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60%* of the population suffer from visual fatigue

Visual fatigue comes from an addition of factors causing discomfort for your eyes.

Indeed, in your every day life, you are dealing with various devices both at work and in your personal life: computer, Smartphone, tablet PC, TV...

Your life is busy and stressful, surrounded by artificial lightening and polluted environment. At the end of the day, your eyes are hurting you, they seem heavy and your vision can be blurred, your eyes are making a lot of effort to adapt from one device to another.

*Étude Omnibus/BVA auprès de 2 760 personnes âgées de 20 à 45 ans (porteurs et non porteurs) - France, Etats-Unis, Japon
Essilor solution to visual fatigue

Thanks to many surveys, Essilor R&D developed a specific design to prevent your eyes from visual fatigue symptoms.

Essilor® Anti-Fatigue™ lens has a specific correction at the bottom part of the lens, a sort of boost zone, which helps your eyes focusing more easily.
It's added to your current prescription so you can match a good vision and comfortable eyes till the end of the day.

Wearer's tests** proved that thanks to Essilor® Anti-Fatigue™ lenses, visual fatigue is decreased by 50%.

**Tests au porté réalisés par l'Université de Cambridge (1998 porteurs de 20 à 35 ans)
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