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Jobs and profiles

Instruments / Machines

Role and responsibilities

Supporting optics professionals on a daily basis and helping promote their expertise.

The work of the Instruments division, which complements that of the "lenses" business line, is to develop solutions and materials for optics professionals to allow them to promote their expertise, increase the scope and quality of their service and help them free up time for sales and advice.

Driven by the desire for innovation which is at the heart of the Essilor group's strength, the Instruments Division's teams design and manufacture equipment and services which are benchmarks in the profession.

Distributed and promoted around the world, these products are aimed at two main markets:
  • opticians/optometrists, who are supported by our product range on a daily basis in every aspect of their work: sight tests, measurements, edging/mounting, sales assistance, etc.;
  • Preventive medicine institutions, to which we distribute specialist equipment for screening for eyesight problems.

Responsibilities of the Instruments division:
  • To maintain our leadership in terms of technology and innovation in a constantly changing environment;
  • To keep up with the constant changes in lenses and frames;
  • To develop and maintain the progress of our business lines;
  • To expand our distribution network;
  • To guarantee our customers quality, reliability, performance and innovation.

On a daily basis that also means...
  • As part of an international group, joining an entity with a presence in Europe, Asia and America;
  • Contributing to the success of a rapidly growing entity;
  • Contributing to numerous ambitious projects in a market of the future;
  • Working within the optical profession and in synergy with the "lens" business lines, designing and industrializing products involving ever-more specialized and sophisticated technologies;
  • Creating value and services;
  • Innovating, inventing, manufacturing, distributing;
  • Serving customers to guarantee their satisfaction;
  • Benefiting from a corporate culture with strong interpersonal relations.
Various functions according to your skills

The Instruments division offers a wide range of activities:
  • Purchasing;
  • Commerce;
  • Management control and Finance;
  • Industrialization and Production;
  • Logistics;
  • Strategic and operational marketing;
  • Projects;
  • Quality, reliability and performance;
  • Research and Development;
  • Customer support;
  • Information systems.
Profiles wanted

  • Beginners or those with experience;
  • Technicians;
  • General or specialized engineers;
  • Education and/or experience: Optics, Purchasing and Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Quality, IT, Industry, Management and Finance.
  • English vital; fluency in Chinese and other languages is an advantage in some positions.

And those characteristics which make the difference...
Analytical mind, thoroughness, creativity, entrepreneurship and initiative, autonomy, good people skills and teamwork.
Career development prospects

The Instruments division is committed to the development of skills and talents and its size means it can offer a wide range of career development prospects:
  • Taking on of new management responsibilities, both hierarchical and cross-functional, for programs or projects;
  • Assignments abroad or expatriation;
  • Mobility to other divisions within the group.
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