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Jobs and profiles


Durwin Fontenette

Role and responsibilities

Maintaining the lead in technological progress.

The Essilor group has always been a pioneer in innovation in ophthalmic optics. The Engineering division's role is to develop and maintain this technological lead.

Spread all around the world, our 430 employees define, implement and develop technologies and the industrialization of products, in line with the Group's objectives, through a wide range of assignments:

  • industrialization of new products and technologies and verification of their roll-out within our production units;
  • verification of the robustness, adaptability and long-term future of the technologies rolled out;
  • improvement in industrial performances and definition of technological plans;
  • optimization and prioritization of the use of technical resources, in line with the technological plans;
  • promotion and assistance in implementation of the group's Health, Safety and Environment policy.

On a daily basis that also means...
  • Being entrusted with wide-ranging responsibilities and enjoying significant autonomy, even if it your first professional experience;
  • Witnessing the results of your efforts, since projects are short term (six months to two years);
  • Taking advantage of the numerous professional opportunities offered by an international group (expatriation, etc.);
  • Joining a pleasant working environment, with strong interpersonal relations.
Various functions according to your skills

In the Engineering division, we can offer positions grouped into three main families:
  • engineers in physics, chemistry, mechanics or industrial computing;
  • project managers;
  • managers of medium-term technology programs.
Profiles wanted

  • Juniors or seniors.
  • High level of technical skill in the relevant field.
  • Fluent English.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context.
  • Communication skills.
  • Ability to promote your concepts and projects internally.

And those characteristics which make the difference...
Listening, synthetic mind and flexibility.
Career development prospects

You can seize one of the many opportunities offered within this division.

You can also build on your experience acquired with us to:
  • join another department such as R&D, Production or Logistics;
  • develop an international career.
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