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Career management

The training policy

Essilor's training policy combines individual advancement and the development of the company.

For several years, Essilor has demonstrated strong commitment to its employees by investing in training.

Essilor's objective is to encourage the continuous development of its employees' skills, with a permanent requirement:

  • to optimize the match between employees' individual needs and the objectives and needs identified by the group.

Training - general company focuses

Training is organized around the following key focus areas:

  • optimizing individual and collective performance and supporting growth, by incorporating:
    - diversity of professional expertise;
    - the international dimension of the business;

  • ensuring the convergence of needs and skills between the various sectors of the company and employees' individual aptitudes;

  • preparing employees' development in their current and future assignments and thereby encouraging their mobility;

  • supporting or anticipating change, particularly in the following sectors:
    - technology;
    - organization.

  • encouraging knowledge sharing within Essilor through:
    - the capitalization and dissemination of knowledge and expertise;
    - the sharing of methodologies.

Training - an approach at all levels

Within the organization, managers are involved in ensuring the best definition of the training required by their teams. Similarly, employees are encouraged to suggest training to enable them to develop.

The actions are organized locally, regionally or company-wide.

The pooling of training approaches within the group is a priority in order to optimize resources and be able to rely on proven initiatives, particularly in the field of management, sales and processes.
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