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Dossier n°9: Solutions for mass customization

Because each wearer has his or her own individual vision prescription, all parts of the optics chain work together to create a unique pair of eyeglasses.

Essilor provides solutions at every step of the lens manufacturing process to ensure that each person is equipped and fitted with the exact vision correction and protection - from digital surfacing equipment in prescription labs to screening and dispensing by eye care professionals.

Find out more about the innovative approaches and devices that are enabling the mass customization of lenses for the individual needs of wearers worldwide.

Transforming the patient experience
How automated systems are enhancing the testing of visual correction needs.
Dispensing personalized lenses
How precise and individualized measurements ensure a perfect lens fitting across the diverse nature of worldwide eye care markets.
Optimizing lens customization
Advances in the quality, efficiency and environmental impact of lens manufacturing and customization.
Dossier n°8: Services in the digital age

The optics market is evolving, technology too and businesses are embracing the digital age.

Beyond product innovation through new scientific breakthroughs or o​​ptical improvements, Essilor also brings new digital approaches to the solutions and services it offers to eye care professionals.

Find out more about the innovative services that are supporting the evolution of the optics business from the lab to the consumer at home.

Innovation in the lab: Digital External Offer
How Essilor is supporting labs worldwide to exploit the latest in digital surfacing techniques.
Extending the reach of education
New approaches to education and professional services to develop the skills of eye care practitioners.
Expanding the ECP practice online
How the internet can extend an optician’s bricks-and-mortar practice into a 24/7 business presence.
Dossier n°7: Long-term vision

The optical system behind our visual perception is highly complex and involves a series of sensory and neurological interactions.

With internal experts in a number of scientific domains and external collaboration with public and private sector research centers, Essilor is engaged in a constant quest for new fundamental scientific discoveries. Ones that could have applications in the three strategic axes of innovation for the Group: correction, protection and prevention.

Find out more about some of the leading-edge research programs that could change visual experiences in the future.
Exploring innovation in lens design, experimental technology solutions and long-term possibilities of ‘smart’ lenses.
How new materials and coating systems contribute to protecting our eyes ever​yday for better visual health.
How selective light filtering and photo-protection can help reduce the light-related risk in certain eye diseases.
Dossier n°6: Focus on Sun protection

Our eye is equipped to adapt to changing outdoor conditions, but it’s a defense mechanism that’s not designed to cope with intense exposure to UV rays or dazzling glare.

Continued exposure to UV light can, over time, cause permanent damage to our eyes, for example contributing to cataracts and Age-related Macular Degeneration. Sunglasses are an important protection to preserve good vision.

Find out how Essilor innovation and preventive solutions are ensuring the best sun protection for people’s eyes.

The danger of invisible rays

The role played by colour tints
Sun protection technologies explained

Dossier n°5: Low Vision

Low vision affects around 140 million people worldwide. By 2050, with the combined effect of the "baby boom" generation and increases in life expectancy, the number of visually impaired is estimated to rise to around 400 million.   

Only around 15% of people affected own low-vision equipment, either because of few tools to help eye care professionals evaluate their visual performances, and a lack of technology or visual devices adapted to all the daily life activities in which individuals need help.

A dedicated team within Essilor’s international R&D has focused on developing a more informed understanding of low vision...

A vision problem for 140m people 

Focusing on low vision needs
Solutions for greater autonomy

Dossier n°4: Blue Light

Emitted by the sun and artificial light sources, blue light can be beneficial to health. But a specific band of this light can also have harmful effects on the eye.

Reinforcing its commitment to visual health, Essilor has created Crizal® PrevenciaTM - the first preventive lenses that offer selective protection against harmful UV and blue light. Protecting eyes against harmful light is the first line of defence against the worldwide problems of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.
Discover in this ezine the latest discoveries on blue light and Essilor’s breakthrough innovation, made possible through four years of research with the Vision Institute.

A unique testing protocol

To identify the harmful part of the spectrum, the teams developed the first-ever testing protocol: an in-vitro screening device illuminating retinal cells by narrow bandwidth..

3.2 billion people concerned

Essilor's latest innovation will benefit everyone, especially 1.3 billion children and 1.9 billion people over 45 in the world who are most vulnerable to harmful blue light.

Read more

Dossier n°3: Unlimited vision

For more than 50 years, progressive lenses have been improving the quality of vision for people with presbyopia.

Created from the latest advances in optics and an in-depth understanding of human physiology, Essilor introduces the Varilux S Series - the first progressive lens to offer wide-angle vision and equilibrium in motion as well as reduced adaptation time. It’s a revolutionary approach to breaking the traditional compromise between fields of vision and swim effect.

Discover in this webzine the technology innovations that are set to transform the visual expectations of people with presbyopia.  

Unlimited vision in view

Discover how the lens technology and design of Varilux S Series delivers unlimited vision in today’s digital lifestyle. 

 Varilux S Series explained

Bruno Decreton, Marketing Director - Premium and Gilles Le Saux, Worldwide R&D Optics Manager give their perspectives on what sets the Varilux S Series apart.
Consumer views of presbyopia and progressive lenses

Find out people’s perceptions and experiences of presbyopia and their reaction to the new Varilux S Series.

Read more
Dossier n°2: A new Standard for Eye Protection

40% of UV exposure occurs when people are not in full sunlight. Hence the need to protect their eyes 365 days a year, both with sun and clear corrective lenses.

As the worldwide leader in ophthalmologic optics, Essilor answers this need with the launch of Crizal UV and a new protection index: the Eye-Sun Protection Factor, an international standard certifying the level of protection of a lens.Discover in this webzine how Essilor achieved a revolution: being the best on the market in terms of protection from ultraviolet rays.

UV, a threat for your eyes

UV rays pose a threat 365 days a year, even in cloudy weather. Protect your eyes like you protect your skinRead more...

 Look out for the E-SPF

Discover the Eye-Sun Protection Factor, the new index certifying the level of UV protection of a lens

The secrets of this innovation

Two Essilor Experts unveil the secrets behind these innovations. Interview with Franck Lestournelle and Alain Riveline

Read more
Dossier n°1: Varilux, always visionary

Today, there is a new Varilux consumer every 4 seconds. Invented by Essilor, Varilux were the first progressive lenses available on the market.
This document will explain why VARILUX is the most popular lens in the world and how Essilor’s teams are working to meet the new needs of future wearers.

50 years of innovation

Improving the lives of spectacles wearers - this ambitious goal has driven half a century of research and innovation by Essilor...

 Wearers Tests

All Varilux lenses are tested by wearers before being commercialized. It's not systematic among manufacturers of lenses

Crossed Interview

Bruno Decreton, Marketing Director and Bernard Bourdoncle, Visual System Research Manager. Two glances on the same mark: Varilux.

Read more

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