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International presence

Logistic centers

High-quality service - an Essilor commitment

Managing both mass production and customized production flows simultaneously, all on a global scale, is a challenge that Essilor logistics teams are confronted with every day. Essilor's exceptional logistics are virtually unique in the world.

Unrivalled speed and tracking

Essilor's logistics cover every stage in the distribution process: from the delivery of raw materials to plants to delivery of finished products to optician customers. Lenses are shipped from our 22 production sites to our 402 finishing laboratories, before being distributed to our 400,000 opticians around the world.

Upstream, productivity is the priority

Production logistics are capable of managing our entire product flow, with particular attention paid to new product launches, which are increasingly global in scope.

Downstream, responding to every challenge

Downstream, given variations in demand, the Essilor group's logistics system carries out "on demand" distribution of products, always just at the right time.

Optimal distribution

Essilor ensures optimal distribution through an international distribution network.

This network includes 12 centers, with four main ones, providing complete coverage of Europe (France), North America (USA), Asia (Thailand) and South America (Brazil).

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