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Executive committee

Managing the group's operations throughout the world

The Executive Committee is at the heart of the Essilor group's system of corporate governance. In 2010, the Executive Committee became more international and expanded to represent the group's global dimension.


The Executive Committee oversees and manages the smooth operation of the group's activities around the world.
It meets regularly to:
  • review the group's long term strategy and outlook;
  • ensure the group reaches its short-term objectives.


The E​xecutive Committee is made up of the group's main administrative and operational managers.
Hubert Sagnières Paul du Saillant Laurent Vacherot Jean Carrier-Guillomet Tadeu Alves Eric Bernard
Hubert Sagnières
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Paul du Saillant
Chief Operating Officer
Laurent Vacherot
Chief Operating Officer
Jean Carrier-Guillomet
Chief Operating Officer
Tadeu Alves
President Latin America Region
Eric Bernard
Chief Operating Officer AMERA* 
Jayanth Bhuvaraghan Carl Bracy Patrick Cherrier Lucia Dumas Bernard Duverneuil Norbert Gorny
Jayanth Bhuvaraghan
Chief Corporate Mission Officer
Carl Bracy
Vice President Marketing and Business Development Essilor of America
Patrick Cherrier
President AMERA *
Lucia Dumas
Senior Vice President Comm​unications
Bernard Duverneuil
Chief Information Officer
Norbert Gorny
President Satisloh, Equipment and Consumables
Real Goulet Lena Henry Eric Léonard Alexander Lunshof Frédéric Mathieu Bernhard Nuesser
Real Goulet
Senior Vice President Rx Sunwear
Lena Henry
Chief Strategy Officer
Eric Léonard
President Essilor of America
Alexander Lunshof
Chief Legal Officer
Frédéric Mathieu
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Bernhard Nuesser
President Europe
Eric Perrier Géraldine Picaud Patrick Poncin Alain Riveline Thierry Robin
Bertrand Roy
Eric Perrier
Senior Vice President Research and Development
Géraldine Picaud
Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Poncin
Senior Vice President Global Engineering
Alain Riveline
Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing
Thierry Robin
"Digital Surfacing Strategic Opportunity" Project Director
Bertrand Roy
Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Kevin Rupp Eric Thoreux Carol Xueref      
Kevin Rupp
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President Finance and Administration Essilor of America
Eric Thoreux
President Sun, Reader and Photochromic
Carol Xueref
Secretary General

* AMERA: Africa, Middle East, Russia, Asia​​​
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